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Yard Sale Listings is a service provided by "Threefold Ministries, Inc." and as such supports and promotes family values. Any listing will be suitable for ANY family member of ANY age to read.

1. No profanity, sexually explicit, or any other words that would be deemed offensive shall be used.
2. No pornographic material of any kind shall be listed.
3. No firearms, explosives or any other dangerous materials shall be listed.
4. No alcohol, tobacco, drugs or any other restrictive items shall be listed.
5. No counterfit, stolen or otherwise illegal items shall be listed

Yard Sale Listings and Threefold Ministries, Inc. will not knowingly support or allow any person, business or organization to use this service for the promotion of any illegal, immoral or offensive activities whether by direct listing or by the use of this service to attract buyers to a location where these restricted items are being sold or exhibited.

Any violation of these restrictions may result in being barred from listing yard sales on this site.